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Members Newsletter

(last updated 23/2/2010)

MAC's at Patterdale CDC
We have just secured a grant to purchase 3 Mac computers, from the beginning of October 2009. Training available on request.

Shopping on Line
Asda now deliver to our area, log on to Asda on line, order your items and they deliver. No more cueing at check out desks, no more packing your shopping. The only thing you have to do is put your shopping away. Asda deliver and carry your shopping onto your kitchen table. If you would like to learn how to shop on line, Patterdale CDC will teach how to do it for a small fee of £1.50. When you are confident do it at home yourself. Life is so much easier with Asda on line.

Summer Carnival
The Summer Carnival raised £345.65, well done to everyone that helped.

Recycling Mobile Phones
Let us recycle your old mobile phones + Ink Cartridges, go green today. Drop off at the CDC or at Glenridding Health Centre.

Basic Food Hygiene Course
Give us a ring if you need staff trained. The next course is due to start April 2010.

Small Businesses
Do you have a website for your business, if not would you be interested in having a page on our website at £35 to create the page with £35 maintenance costs per year with 1 free updates per year. Contact us on 82684 for more information and ask to speak to Lynn.

Notice Board
Please check our notice board for up to date courses that are running.